Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The machine we use and that you see above is called a truck mount. The method of cleaning is known as hot water extraction.

It sits permanently within our vehicle. We simply run two sets of hoses from the vehicle to your carpets. One carries clean water from the vehicle at pressure and the other removes dirty waste water back to the vehicle. Our machine can run over 300ft of hose meaning we can reach upper floors of most buildings.

Our equipment has a major advantage over using a portable machine as a portable machine needs both water and electricity to be supplied by the customer. We don't need either as we have clean water and dirty water tanks on the vehicle meaning no need for our customers to dispose of waste water and the machine is a petrol engine meaning no electricity needed.

 Our machine is also 20 times more powerful than an average portable carpet cleaner machine meaning on average drying times as little as 2 hours.